Florida woman finds large gator knocking at her front door

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Woman hears knocking sound at front door of home in Lawton Station in Bluffton, SC, and finds alligator on her porch. When Jo Brunson of Bluffton heard a strange knocking sound at her front door Tuesday afternoon, her first thought was a news report she’d read about a woman finding an.

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One Florida woman had this happen when a large alligator came to her doorstep. So you are sitting at home and you get a knock on the door. The woman says the reptile appeared to be extremely aggressive. She called a trapper who came and removed the gator which was about eight feet long.

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A woman found an uninvited guest at her front door and had to call for help to have it removed. matt yurus reports.

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Woman Finds Gator in Her bathroom. 7-foot alligator entered florida resident’s home through a doggie door. Just a few weeks ago another Florida resident, Kendrick Williams , was walking home from work and decided to cut across an apartment complex with a large pond.

By Kirstie Sutheran A stunned family were woken up by a seven-feet-long alligator sitting on their porch. When Louise Monteith heard knocking on her front door at 4.45am on May 14, she thought it was her dogs and cats knocking something over.

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