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PROBATE REAL ESTATE Have you found a great property to buy only to discover that the property is owned by someone who died years ago? This revelation came as a complete shock to you, considering the Seller brought you a printout from the tax roll showing that he was the owner.

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Summary administration probate in Florida Florida Bar No. 050405, ORLANDO CITY LAW, P.A. STATE OF FLORIDA TO: Eric Cooke a/k/a Erik Cooke, Address Unknown. A Petition for Termination of Parental Rights under oath has been filed in this.

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florida lady bird deeds are also known as Enhanced life estate deeds and can help avoid probate in the state of Florida. The Florida lady bird deed allows one or more people to possess a specific property for life, with the remainder to pass to another person upon the first owner’s death.

When a resident of another state dies owning real estate in Florida, proceedings are necessary in Florida to transfer the property. Even if a personal representative has been appointed in the decedent’s home state, neither that person nor the home state’s probate court has jurisdiction over the Florida property.

Mark Nelson is a third generation Florida lawyer. He was born in St. Petersburg Florida and moved to Bradenton Florida in 1987. He represents individuals, small businesses and large businesses.

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 · Under Florida law, there are a couple of ways that a spouse has inheritance rights. First, there is the right which arises regarding the homestead. If a married person dies owning a home as their primary residence (and titled in their sole name), the surviving spouse will have certain rights to the home depending on whether there are children.

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