Liberty Health Services $12 Million Convertible Note to Fund…

Convertible notes and convertible equity instruments, like Simple Agreement for Future Equity. You then raise a Series Seed of $5M at a $12M pre-money valuation.. companies, angel investors and venture capital funds.. software, tech, blockchain, aerospace, hemp and cannabis, and healthcare.

In 2014, it spent just $12.1 million on R&D. At the end of 2014, the company reported $725.5 million in short-term borrowings and $801 million in accounts and notes payable. It had just $284.3.

Mirexus is a safe and natural nanomaterials company based in Guelph, Ontario that is commercializing PhytoSpherix, a novel technology based on polysaccharide nanoparticles that can be used in a wide variety of. Read more Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc. raises $12 million to finance factory, fund business development, and deepen R&D

Daily Digest – October 6. Data Breach Problem Grows Worse; Mortgage Servicer Loses Lawsuit, Collection Agencies Fined in N.C. – Data loss and security breach incidents have become common. However, lawsuits related to these incidents are not so common or successful. The problems plaintiffs have encountered include not only figuring out the proper cause of action to seek recovery (many states lack laws permitting private lawsuits for damages related to data loss) but also how to establish provable damages.

The Liberty Fund edition of An Account of Denmark is the first modern edition of Molesworth’s writings. This volume presents not only An Account , but also his translation of Francogallia and Some Considerations for the Promoting of Agriculture and Employing the Poor .

Trump-Putin bromance is the buzz for South Florida’s Russians Trump and Putin Trash U.S. Spies at Bromance Summit The Trump administration has spent months swearing that their boss buys the intelligence about Russian election meddling but Trump himself just.

 · The law’s preventive services mandate requires that all qualified health plans cover-without co-pay, deductible, or other charge to the enrollee-abortion-inducing.

Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc. raises $12 million to finance factory, fund business development, and deepen R&D

A billion-dollar debt exchange could lead to substantial dilution in the future. For example, if all of the new convertible notes were converted assuming the daily volume weighted average price of $12.10 per share, which was the stock’s closing price yesterday, Whiting would need to issue 83 million shares.

The firm, an international leader in sustainable bioprotection and plant health solutions. has entered into a C$13 million credit facility with Integrated Private Debt Fund VI LP as part of a debt.

 · Blue Sky raises million for its venture capital fund. Strong interest among investors means Blue Sky Venture Capital is well placed to achieve the fund’s target of $30 million. The fund is also a registered Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership, which means investor returns will be exempt from tax.

Reverse convertible securities are short-term notes issued by banks and broker-dealers that usually pay a coupon rate above prevailing market rates. They are considered structured products because, in addition to the coupon rate, the investor may be required to purchase shares of an underlying asset at a fixed price.