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How To Say Despatched Tua was appointed to take charge of the taro stick and the business of work; Ana was appointed to the spear and the war club and the business of fighting; Saga was appointed to the Fue (fly whisk) of the orator and the stick used when talking and to the business of speech-making.

TYPHOON by Joseph Conrad. With a sound as of a hundred scoured saucepans, the orifice of a ventilator spat upon his shoulder a sudden gush of salt water, and he volleyed a stream of curses upon all things on earth including his own soul, ripping and raving, and all the time attending to his business.

Londonizations salient: despatched whisk "It was a massive inconvenience for Naomi," this flack tells the Daily Mirror, as though the world should mind, and mind deeply, even though we have to keep remembering that "anger management problems.

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Of the complex semantics attaching to the word count’ in the early eleventh century, one could perhaps point to the salient usage which denoted a man in possession of a castle or castrum. The first such count in Normandy was Rodulf of Ivry, who assumed his title some time before 1011, but by the time of Richard II’s death there were half a dozen of them; there were also about twenty vicomtes. 26

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