Top 10 Scams Against the Elderly – Aging Wisely

The National Council on Aging notes: "Because many seniors find themselves planning for retirement and managing their savings once they finish working, a number of investment schemes have been targeted at seniors looking to safeguard their cash for their later years.". Top 10 Senior Scams.

victims, this Fraud Book features the top ten scams reported to our Hotline last year. In addition, it includes resources for consumers who wish to report scams to state and federal agencies. The range and frequency of scams perpetrated against seniors that were reported to the Fraud Hotline in 2016 demonstrate the extent of this epidemic.

Get tips from the FBI on preventing 3 top senior scams.. How seniors avoid fraud with anti-aging products: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be suspicious of secret formulas or miracle breakthroughs.. Next Step Find out more about these top scams against seniors at .

The guide, "Fighting Fraud: U.S. Senate Aging Committee identifies top 10 scams targeting Our Nation’s Seniors," is a comprehensive anti-fraud resource for seniors, according to the announcement by Senators Susan Collins and Ranking Member Claire McCaskill.

In a session that introduced the report, Senate Aging Committee Chair. enough attention to crimes against the seniors but today she said their anti-elder abuse efforts are improving. Impending law.

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If you’re a senior citizen reading this, it’s time to hone your skepticism skills and boost your defenses against exploitation. Research on the human brain and aging affirms that some seniors lose.

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According to the National Council on Aging, 1 in 10 Americans. to go in stopping fraud against senior citizens, and individuals are still the first line of defense. Here are five ways consumers can.

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According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), here are the top 10 financial scams that are wreaking havoc in the lives of seniors. Top 10 financial scams targeting seniors 1.

Article: Scams Against Elderly are Multi-Billion Dollar Industry – Nearly 20 percent of Florida’s population is 65 years or older, the highest in the nation. As the baby boomers move into.

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