VIDEO: 3-legged alligator hobbles across Florida golf course, follows woman home

VIDEO: 3-legged alligator hobbles across Florida golf course, follows woman home. KFSN – Fresno

A three-legged alligator was spotted trying to make its way across a golf course in Bonita Springs, Florida, on April 30. lori greenberg lives on the golf course and recorded the creature as it crossed the grass and came closer toward her home. Greenberg told Storyful that the alligator "followed me to my house and stared inside for hours."

VIDEO: 3-legged alligator hobbles across Florida golf course, follows woman home.. After about 30 seconds the video stops as the prodding predator slowly makes its way across the golf course. The woman wrote the three-legged alligator actually followed her back to her house and stared for.

A three-legged alligator was seen hobbling across a Florida golf course.. 3-legged alligator hobbles across Florida golf course, follows woman home. florida woman pulls alligator out of yoga.

Video: Three-Legged Alligator Hobbles Across Golf Course, Terrifies Woman posted by Alex Razo – May 13, 2019 Alligators in Florida are a dime a dozen and are often seen walking around various areas.

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Officials with Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Florida took to Twitter on Sunday to share a photo of an alligator and a deceased shark. Madeline Farber is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow.

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Florida woman found with baby alligators stuffed up in her underwear. 5 days later. 3 legged alligator hobbles across golf course, follows woman home and stands outside and stares. I don’t believe in coincidences.

It may not be uncommon to see an alligator in the Sunshine State, but one Florida woman had an unusual experience when she saw a three-legged gator hobbling toward her. Lori Greenberg of Bonita Springs caught the moment on camera when the gator, which appeared to be missing a leg, came toward her across the green [.]

Huge 3-legged alligator hobbles across Florida golf course, appears at woman’s home That’s better than a Tiger! Three-legged ALLIGATOR hobbles across fairway at US golf tournament